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International workshop on spectrometric gas thermometry

When: 13 September 2023, 09:00 – 17:10 CEST

Where: PTB Braunschweig and Online

The project

The effect of climate change is paramount, exemplified by record drought and flooding on several continents, including the EU. The latest IPCC report suggests that the EU is the most affected region in the World with almost doubled warming effects. Accurate air temperature measurements are critical for climate change monitoring and the related evidence-based policymaking for early mitigation/adaptation planning. Spectrometric thermometry overcomes several practical challenges posed by contact thermometry in air and industrial processes.  

The highly inter-disciplinary Primary spectrometric thermometry for gases (PriSpecTemp, 22IEM03) consortium will integrate their knowledge and infrastructure across the EU to improve, standardise and implement several spectrometric gas/air thermometers at a target uncertainty of 10 mK using practical probing molecules such as CO2, CO and O2. This will be cross-validated against other non-contact methods, as well as the ITS-90 standard methods. Ultimately, a new hybrid calibration service with minimal long-term drift will support SI-traceable calibration of classical contact thermometers in gas and air.


The workshop

The workshop consisted of four sessions, and aims to introduce Metrology for Environment at PTB, EURAMET and the CIPM level. It reviewed the state of the art for metrology for air temperature measurement using contract thermometers, summarise present spectrometric temperature methods, and show applications and future needs on spectrometric air thermometry on satellite remote sensing and industry.


Videos of the talks

Session 1: Metrology for Environment at PTB, EURAMET and CIPM

Welcome and introduction on PTB (Bernd Güttler, PTB)

Innovation Cluster for Environment and Climate (Olav Werhahn, PTB)

Activities at CIPM Sectorial Task Group on Climate Change and Environment (Dolores del Campo Maldonado, CEM)

22IEM03 PriSpecTemp (Project Consortium)

Pressure dependent line intensity and continuum absorbtion for CO2: experimental results (Manfred Birk, DLR)

Session 2: Contact thermometry for air/gas: State of the art, challenges and opportunities

EURAMET TC project Air Temperature Metrology (ATM) (Åge Andreas Falnes Olsen, JV)

EMPIR project 19SIP06 COAT (Carmen Garcia Izquierdo, CEM)

Overview of EURAMET TC-T activities (Åge Andreas Falnes Olsen, JV, on behalf of TC-T Chair
Steffen Rudtsch, PTB)

Session 3: Recent advances in spectrometric temperature methods

Activities at USTC precision spectroscopy lab (Yan Tan, USTC)

Doppler-width gas thermometry: Current status and future perspectives (Livio Gianfrani, Uni Campania)

Ab initio line data of CO2, CO,NH3, N2O, O3, HCI, HF (Oleg L. Polyansky, UCL)